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Market Reports
Forward:   1031 Sheep comprising 825 Prime Lambs and 206 Cast Ewes and Rams, and 14 head of Cattle, comprising 11 Calves and 3 Cull Cows. CALVES Lim Bull Calves              to   £310   LC Scarr & Son, Bainbridge  Av £230 Lim Hfr Calves              to   £200   LC Scarr & Son                      Av £170 Brit Blue Bull Calves      to   £280   J Scarr & Sons, Askrigg        Brit Blue Hfr Calves       to   £185   J Scarr & Son                         Av £140 Fries/Holst Bull Calves  to   £80     H Kirkbride, Askrigg              Av £60 PRIME SPRING LAMBS   Continentals    to   177p/kg          Av 153.3p/kg                                Suffolks           to   150p/kg          Av 146.8p                                Mules              to   148p/kg         Av 141.2p                                Horned            to   145p/kg         Av 133p Top Price/kg     Continentals to   177p/kg    JW & JH Burton & Son, Hawes                                                             Suffolks           to   150p/kg    AE Lambert, Bainbridge                                                   Mules to   148p/kg    A & H Watson, Kirkby Lonsdale                                                           Horned            to   145p/kg    G Alderson, Great Musgrave                                                                                                                                                              Top Price/Head   Continentals   to   £75.50      Charlotte and Owen Pratt, West Burton                                   Suffolks         to   £69.50      G Mudd, Hawes                                   Mules to   £67           N Iveson, Hawes         Horned           to   £55.50      W Allison & Sons, Marske  CAST EWES     Horned (RF)   to   £69             Av £39.21                            Polled        to   £103          Av £65.96 CAST RAMS Horned            to   £87    CULL CATTLE     Fries/Holst    to   123p/kg   Av 107.8p                                  Leading Prices:  J Scarr & Sons, £915. Forward:  1404 Sheep comprising 800 Prime Lambs, 351 Cast Ewes and Rams, 247 Mule Gimmer Shearlings and Ewes, and 6 Breeding Rams. PRIME LAMBS      Continentals   to   173p/kg            Av 160.5p                                    Suffolks          to   163p/kg           Av 158p                                    Mashams       to   163p/kg                                    Mules             to   155p/kg           Av 142.3p                                    Horned         to   146p/kg           Av 128.2p Top Price/kg        Continentals     173p          J Dixon & Sons, Downholme                                     Suffolks            163p          N Harker, Harkerside                                     Mashams          163p          A Lambert, Bainbridge                                     Mules               155p          AE Lambert, Bainbridge                                     Horned (RF)     146p          J Capstick, Sedbergh                                   Top Price/Head   Continentals   £77            NW & RE Hunter, Gunnerside                                    Suffolks         £62            N Harker                                    Mashams       £66.80       A Lambert                                    Mules            £65            Colin Hird & Sons, Low Row                                    Horned          £54            J Capstick CAST EWES          Horned (Sw)  to   £67.50       Av £26.80                                  Polled            to   £100          Av £59.71 CAST RAMS        Horned          to   £58                                       Polled            to   £94             SPECIAL EVENING SHOW AND SALE OF MULE GIMMER SHEARLINGS AND EWES Kindly Sponsored by PK Nutrition, Hexham.  Judged by Mr Martin Brown, Newton le Willows. 1st - JW Hall, Darnbrook    £172  to  A Lodge, Malham Moor 2nd - JW Hall                       £162  to  Lowther Park Farms Ltd, Lowther 3rd - N & RJ Sunter, Healaugh  £140 to  AT Pratt, Hawes                    Mule Gimmer Shearlings to £172  JW Hall, Darnbrook  Av £132.16 Mule Ewes                       to £122  T Crick, Beccles Leading Prices:  JW Hall, £172, £162.  JW Porter & Sons, £142.  T Crick, £140, £134, £130 x 3, £128 x 2, £122.  N & RJ Sunter, £140, £138. CROSSING RAMS Beltex Shearlings  to £350  D Findlay, Coverham Texel Shearlings  to  £350  JC & E Pedley & Sons, Lunds OPENING SALE OF STORE LAMBS Forward: 578 Store Lambs. Leading Prices: Texels:  (Averaged £54.53 up £3.25 on 2013).  T & G Farrow, £61.40, £60.  TE & B Capstick, £57.80.  WM Scott, £57.  JG & RM Hall, £48. Suffolks:  JW Dixon, £60. Mules:  (Averaged £50.24 up £5.70 on 2013).     MJ & JD Handley, £59, £56.40, £55.40.  KW & J Clarkson, £51.80, £49.80, £49.  K Metcalfe & Sons, £51, £50, £47.50. JW & JH Burton, £50.40.  Mrs SL Pratt, £49.40.  RMS Livestock, £49.40, £48.40, £45.40.  JG & RM Hall, £49, £45.  K Raw, £46.80. Forward:  1330 Sheep comprising 968 Prime Lambs and 362 Cast Ewes, and 22 head of Cattle, comprising 13 Calves and 9 Cull Cows. CALVES Lim Bull Calves            to   £430   D Middleton & Son, Askrigg   Av £280 Lim Hfr Calves              to   £295   LC Scarr & Son, Bainbridge    Brit Blue Bull Calves   to   £350   JF Bowe & Son, Hawes           Av £330 Brit Blue Hfr Calves     to   £270   M/S Dent, Kirkby Stephen      Av £240 Fries/Holst Bull Calves to   £85     J Scarr & Sons, Askrigg          Av £82.50 PRIME SPRING LAMBS  Continentals    to   175p/kg         Av 162.1p                Suffolks           to   165p/kg          Av 162.4p            Mules              to   151p/kg         Av 137.7p              Mashams         to   150p/kg            Horned (DB)   to   138p/kg         Av 124.8p Top Price/kg Continentals to   175p/kg    K Metcalfe & Sons, Hawes                                                    Suffolks           to   165p/kg    N Harker, Harkerside                                                   Mules      to   151p/kg    JW & JH Burton, Hawes                   Mashams          to   150p/kg    A Lambert, Bainbridge                                   Horned (DB)    to   138p/kg    A Lambert                                                                                                   Top Price/Head Continentals    to   £77           JR & LA Capstick, Killington                   Suffolks           to   £72.50      N Harker                                  Mules       to   £67.40      GJ & JM Scarr, Garsdale         Mashams         to   £62.80      A Lambert         Horned (Sw)   to   £59           J Scarr & Sons, Askrigg  CAST EWES Horned            to   £78             Av £36.81                     Polled        to   £97             Av £72.76    CULL CATTLE    Continentals to  140p/kg Av 130p    Fries/Holst    to  117p/kg   Av 98.3p        Overall Av. 113.3p/kg Leading Prices:  JH & E Lancaster, £785, £741.  JF Bowe & Son, £744.  Coates Bros, £738, £622.  LC Scarr & Son, £724.  J Scarr & Sons, £681. Forward:  1528 Sheep comprising 1146 Prime Lambs and 382 Cast Ewes and Rams. PRIME SPRING LAMBS Continentals    to   186p/kg          Av 165.5p/kg                                Mules              to   174p/kg         Av 158.2p                                Horned            to   146p/kg         Av 132.4p Top Price/kg     Continentals    to   186p/kg       O Hird, Reeth                                                                                   Mules              to   174p/kg       JR & LA Capstick, Killington                                                         Horned (Sw & RF) to   146p/kg       S Sunter, Horton in Ribblesdale and J Capstick, Sedbergh                                                                   Top Price/Head   Continentals   to    £80             O Hird, sold to JW Cockett & Son, Butchers, Hawes                                    Mules to    £73             JR & LA Capstick         Horned (RF)  to    £61.50        J Capstick CAST EWES     Horned (DB)   to    £74             Av £30.25                            Polled        to    £96             Av £67.68 CAST RAMS Horned (Sw)   to    £51            Av £46.50                             Polled              to    £110          Av £101.67                Forward: 13 Calves, & 846 Sheep comprising 654 Prime Lambs and 192 Cast Ewes and Rams. CALVES   Brit Blue x Bull Calves   to   £325      S Bell & Sons, Askrigg  Av £314 Brit Blue x Hfr Calves    to   £300      JS Cloughton, Hawes    Av £251 Lim x Bull Calves            to   £235      S Bell & Sons, Askrigg       Lim x Hfr Calves             to   £195      J Scarr & Sons, Askrigg    Fries/Holst Bull Calves   to   £85        J Scarr & Sons,   Av £55 PRIME LAMBS    Continentals    to  183p/kg      Av 168.3p                                  Suffolks          to  175p/kg      Av 165.4p                                  Mules             to  158p/kg      Av 151.3p                                 Horned            to  171p/kg      Av 150.2p Top Price/kg      Continentals    183p       JR & LA Capstick, Killington                                       Suffolk            175p       JJ & E Labbate, Garsdale                                   Mules              158p      A & H Watson, Kirkby Lonsdale                                   Horned (RF)  171p      JJ & E Labbate   Top Price/Head   Continentals    £78         LV Prince, Hawes                                           Suffolk           £75.40    T Dent & Son, Swinithwaite                                    Mules             £65         A & H Watson                                    Horned (RF)  £70         JJ & E Labbate                     CAST EWES    Horned      to  £70          Av £34.32     Polled       to  £92       Av £61.53 CAST RAMS   Polled to  £108     Av £87.55 Forward:  937 Sheep comprising, 610 Prime Lambs and 327 Cast Ewes and Rams. PRIME LAMBS  Continentals  to  202p/kg   Av 180.2p                                    Mules            to  177p/kg   Av 170.2p                                     Horned          to  176p/kg  Av 164.7p                                     Top Price/kg     Continentals  202p       WH Harker, Leyburn (to JW Cockett & Son, Butchers, Hawes)                                                                    Mules                    177p      JE Thorpe, Hawes                          Horned (Sw)          176p       R Marwood & Son, Barningham                                                                                                                                            Top Price/Head   Continentals   to  £89         WH Harker                                   Mules             to  £69.20    JL & DA Swindlehurst, Slaidburn                               Horned (RF)   to  £73.50    J Capstick, Sedbergh CAST EWES     Horned (RF)   to  £81             Av £32.60                            Polled        to  £112          Av £69.10 CAST RAMS Horned            to  £75            Av £66.50 Forward:  10 Calves, & 798 Sheep comprising 567 Prime Lambs and 231 Cast Ewes and Rams. CALVES  Brit Blue Bull Calves      to  £425 JF Bowe & Son, Hawes     Av £280 Lim x Bull Calves          to  £215       S Bell & Sons, Askrigg     Av £210 Lim x Hfr Calves          to  £215       J Scarr & Sons, Askrigg    Av £195    Fries/Holst Bull Calves   to  £100       J Scarr & Sons, and S Bell & Sons       PRIME LAMBS    Continentals   to   276p/kg     Av 174.9p                                  Suffolks          to   176p/kg     Av 167.3p                                  Mules             to   170p/kg      Av 155.2p                                             Horned           to   161p/kg      Av 147.5p                                 Jacobs         to   169p/kg      Av 163.4p SPECIAL SHOW AND SALE OF PRIME LAMBS Sponsored by I’Anson Bros, Masham.  Judged by Mr M McIntyre, Bainbridge. The Champion Pen of 4 lambs were 42kg Continentals, shown by WH Harker, Leyburn and were sold for £116 each (276p/kg) Continentals   1st and Overall Champion, WH Harker, Leyburn 276p/kg (£116)                        2nd - CT & JE Willoughby, Redmire                       193 p/kg (£83)                        3rd - WH Harker                                                192p/kg (£78.50) Continentals out of Mule Ewes 1st and Reserve Champion, JR & LA Capstick, Killington   181p/kg ( £78) Suffolks          1st - SM Towler, Malham Moor                                   164p/kg (£72)                        2nd - SM Towler                                                             168p/kg (£62)                        3rd   JW Dixon, Dent                                                     166p/kg (£66.50) Mules             1st - CT & JE Willoughby                                             158p/kg (£71)                        2nd - A & H Watson, Kirkby Lonsdale                           174p/kg (£69.50)                       3rd   WC Porter & Son, Reeth                                        156p/kg (£68.50) Horned           1st - G Calvert & Sons, Keld                                        148p/kg (£64)                        2nd - JH & J Bland, Hawes                                            145p/kg (£42)                        3rd - R Marwood & Son, Barningham                           145p/kg (£45) Jacobs            1st - GW & SW Hall, Conistone                                    169p/kg (£73) Top Price/kg      Continentals    276p          WH Harker, Leyburn                                           Suffolk            176p          A Lodge, Malham Moor                                   Mules              174p          A & H Watson, Kirkby Lonsdale                                    Horned            161p          J Dixon & Sons, Downholme                                   Jacobs          169p          GW & SW Hall, Conistone   Top Price/Head   Continentals    £116          WH Harker                                           Suffolk            £76            FJ Robinson, Cowan Bridge                                    Mules             £71            CT & JE Willoughby, Redmire                                    Horned           £67.50       J Dixon & Sons                                    Jacobs            £73            GW & SW Hall              CAST EWES    Horned      to     £78          Av £33.13 Polled       to     £95    Av £77.71 CAST RAMS    Horned      to     £73          Av £64.50 Forward:  468 Sheep comprising, 306 Prime Lambs and 162 Cast Ewes and Rams. PRIME LAMBS  Continentals  to  192p/kg   Av 177.5p                                     Suffolks         to  183p/kg   Av 170.5p                                     Horned          to  167p/kg                                       Top Price/kg     Continentals 192p     F Dinsdale & Sons, Coverdale                                                                         Suffolks            183p     RN & D Haworth, Garsdale                           Horned 167p     F Dinsdale & Sons                                                                                                                                           Top Price/Head   Continentals  to £83      N Moore, Hawes                                   Suffolks         to  £75      LC Scarr, Bainbridge                               Horned          to   £72      JR & A Blades, Hawes CAST EWES     Horned (RF)  to  £85             Av £49.51                            Polled        to   £89            Av £79.28 CAST RAMS Horned          to   £55            Av £50                                   Polled            to   £86            Av £71.33
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Hawes Farmers’ Auction Mart Co. Ltd. 1914 - 2014 Centenary Celebration to be held in a marquee at The Auction Mart, Hawes on Saturday 9th August 2014 at 7.30pm Grand Buffet  ~  Dancing to The Toni James Band  ~  Disco ~  Licensed Bar Charity Auction in aid of the Air Ambulance and Cancer Research Over £4000 raised from Auction of Promises plus donations. Many thanks to all who contributed to an excellent evening.
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The Champion Pen of 4 Lambs were 42kg Continentals shown by WH Harker, Leyburn and were sold for £116 each (276p/kg)
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Livestock - Sale Announcements Tuesday 2nd September Show & Sale of Prime Mule Wether Lambs. Judging 9.15am for Pens of 6. 2,000 Prime & Lightweight Lambs at 10am 400 Cast Ewes & Rams. Friday 5th September Show & Sale of 2,500 Store Lambs at 10.30am. Judging 10am for Pens of 20. Sponsored by O’Reillys Accountants. Monday & Tuesday 15th & 16th September Great Annual Two Day Show & Sale of 32,000 Mule Gimmer lambs on Behalf of NEMSA Catalogue closes Tuesday 26th August.