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Livestock - Sale Announcements

Friday 19th July 

Opening Catalogued Sale of 750 Store Lambs





Tuesday 23rd July

Summer Show & Sale of 1000 Prime Lambs

Show classes for Pairs of Beltex 

& Pens of Five Continentals, Suffolks, Mules, Masham’s & Horned Lambs

Judging 9:30am, Sale at 10am

300 Cast Ewes & Rams

2 Auction Mart Shares at 11am

Sponsored by I’Anson Feeds.



Friday 2nd August

Sale of 1500 Store Lambs. 

Cat Closes Thursday 25th July 12 noon



Tuesday 20th August

Evening Show & Sale of 1500 Mule & Cont Gimmer Shearlings & Ewes.

Cat closes Thurs 8th Aug. also Sale of Crossing Rams to follow.

Belly clipping is now recommended for Prime Lambs


Vendors need to be aware that from December 2023 onwards all auction marts will require a copy of each producers Annual Veterinary Health Check (including the certificate number for all farms of origin) for Prime & Cast Sheep. Farm Assured Vendors are unaffected as your scheme membership covers this. Speak to your Vet for more info.

Small Portacabin Available to rent on site.


Contact the office for details


Land, Farms & Property - Sales & Lettings

2024-05-09 18.14.51.jpg


Land at Haylands, Hawes

Pasture land with river frontage extending to 5.44 Ha (13.43 Ac)

For sale by Private Treaty.

Guide Price £80,000.

2024-05-09 18.58.45.jpg


Land at Halfway, Hawes

Meadow and pasture land together with a field barn and river frontage extending to 8.70 Ha (21.51 Ac)

For sale by Private Treaty.

Guide Price £130,000.

2024-05-10 17.41.25.jpg


Land at Gayle, Hawes

Meadow land together with a stone barn and agricultural building extending to 2.68 Ha (6.63 Ac) 

For sale by Private Treaty.

Guide Price £200,000.

2024-05-09 19.29.05.jpg


Land in Widdale, Hawes

Meadow and allotment land together with a stone field barn extending to 29.30 Ha (72.40Ac)

For sale by Private Treaty as a whole or in up to three separate lots.

Guide Price for the whole £240,000.



Land at Thornton Rust, nr Hawes

Meadow and pasture land extending to 5.52 Ha (13.64 Ac)

For sale by Private Treaty as a whole or in two separate lots.

Guide Price for the whole £90,000.

2018-05-24 15.04.58.jpg


Land off Beggermans RdNear Hawes

Pasture land extending to 2.61 Ha (6.45Ac)

For Sale by Private Treaty. 

Guide Price: £25,000

2023-06-29 16.02.27.jpg


Land & Barn at West CloseNr Hawes

Meadow land together with a stone field barn ext. in total to 2.54 Ha (6.28 Ac)

For Sale by Private Treaty. 

Guide Price: £70,000

2023-06-29 16.27.28.jpg


Land off Cam RoadNear Hawes

Pasture land extending to 1.38 Ha (3.41 Ac)

For Sale by Private Treaty. 

Guide Price: £10,000



Land at MarsettNear Hawes

Rough pasture land extending to 49.74 Ha (122.91 Ac)

For Sale by Private Treaty. 



Land at CountersettNear Hawes

Pasture land extending to 1.42 Ha (3.51 Ac)

For Sale by Private Treaty. 

Guide Price: £20,000



Land at Thornton RustNear Hawes

Meadow & pasture land extending to 5.52 Ha (13.64 Ac)

For Sale by Private Treaty. 

Guide Price: £90,000

As part of the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) livestock farmers are now able to apply for funding to pay for a vet’s health and welfare review, which includes a farm visit and laboratory testing. The review’s report will identity priorities specific to each farm to improve health and welfare of livestock. Currently, this grant is open to farmers who are eligible for the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and are likely to make a claim for BPS in 2023.
Payment Rates:
£372 for a dairy cattle review
£522 for a beef cattle review
£436 for a sheep review
£684 for a pig review.
For further information or help to apply then please contact Laura Alderson or James Alderson

The Slurry Infrastructure Grant is now available from Defra. Apply for grants of £25,000 - £250,000 towards the cost of slurry stores, covers and supporting equipment, to increase or improve storage capacity for up to 6 months worth of slurry. Applications must be submitted by 31st January 2023. Please contact Laura or James for further information.


The new Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) Scheme is now open!  Farmers will be rewarded for carrying out actions to improve the environment.
There will be a phased introduction of the SFI Scheme, with the first standards focusing on assessing and improving soil health and later in the year animal welfare.
If you are eligible for BPS then you are able to apply for SFI. There are also some opportunities to apply for SFI if you have a Stewardship Agreement.
SFI Agreements will last 3 years, with annual amendments possible.  Payments will be made quarterly. Payment rates available below.
Please get in touch with Laura or James for more information. Office: 01969 667207

Market Reports

Tuesday 16th July 2024

Forward: 966 Sheep comprising 538 Spring Lambs, 58 Prime Hoggs, 370 Cast Ewes and Rams. 



There was an increased entry of 538 prime lambs forward in which more could have easily been sold to the advantage of vendors with buyers showing more interest and more requirements from the ringside. The overall market average was up on the week selling to 301p/kg to include a larger proportion of upland lambs as more mules now come forward and mule lambs certainly looked the trade of the day.

The consignment from JR & LA Capstick topped the market peaking at £172 with 50kg Texels and others from the same home to £166 at 47kg and £160 at 47kg all purchased by M Hare of Lane End Farm Shop, Tong. Other leading prices saw the consignment from T Tennant & Son top at £166 at 51kg followed by £160 from D & A Cowperthwaite and £160 from AT Pratt with plenty more pens selling in the one hundred and fifties. Beltex lambs sold to a top of 353p/kg from JR & LA Capstick followed by 345p/kg from R Mudd & Son. Plenty of pens of first cross continental lambs out of mules sold just over the 300p/kg mark. 

Mule lambs sold to a top of £127 for 45kg from S Bell & Sons followed by £124.50 for 42kg from J & G Huck, a pen of 19 42kg mules to £122 and 18 41kg mules to £119 from DJ Amsden followed by 43kg mules to £121 from JS & S Atkinson. 

More lambs are required each week to fulfil the buyers’ requirements.



Beltex to 353p, JR & LA Capstick, Killington, Av. 322p/kg             

Texel x to 344p, JR & LA Capstick, Killington, Av. 300p/kg                                                                                

Suffolk to 311p, KJ Burrow, Dent, Av. 299p/kg

Mules to 296p, J & G Huck, Hubberholme, Av. 287p/kg

Total Average: 301p/kg


Leading Prices:

Texel x – JR & LA Capstick, £172 (to Lane End Farm Shop, Tong), £160, £150 x2, £147, £140, £138, T Tennant & Son, £166, £139,

AT Pratt, £160, £132, D & A Cowperthwaite, £160, £132, MK Verity, £158, £150, £147, £138, £120, R Moore & Son, £154, £134.50,

AT Lambert & Son, £154, £150, £148, A Lodge, £151, £141, £140, Isla Bell, £148, £135, J Scarr & Sons, £148, £132, £125,

T Richardson, £147, £130, £116, G Mudd, £141, £136, £123, £120, A & NJ Heseltine, £140, SM Elphick, £140, £130 x2, AD Lambert, £138,

H Kirkbride & Son, £136, J Duffus & Son, £130, £119.50, JS & S Atkinson, £130, R Mudd & Sons, £130, LC Scarr & Son, £128, £122, £117,

A & H Watson, £127, BL Acton, £126, JL & JA Sunter, £126, £120, JJ & E Labbate, £126, £120, TG & B Todd, £125,

Coverhead Farms, £125 x2, J & J Postlethwaite, £125, J Sunter & Sons, £124.50, RF Lambert, £123, £119, JR Blades, £123,

D Hodgson, £118.50, Croft Farm Ptns, £118, J Pratt & Sons, £117.50.

Beltex- JR & LA Capstick, £166, (to Lane End Farm Shop, Tong), C & M Hugill, £149, JL & JA Sunter, £146,

R Mudd & Sons, £145, £139, £134, £133, £119, £104, J & J Postlethwaite, £135, BL Acton, £132, J Duffus & Son, £132, £122,

AP Moore, £129, £123. 

Charollais - Croft Farm Ptns, £141, £125, £124.

Suffolk - KJ Burrow, £140, Coverhead, £125.50, £116, A & TA Blades, £115.

Mules - DJ Amsden, £134, £122, £119, S Bell & Sons, £127, JL & JA Sunter, £125.50, J & G Huck, £124.50, JS & S Atkinson, £121,

CT & JE Willoughby, £115.50, £106, GJ & JM Scarr, £115.50, J Sunter & Sons, £111, JH Sharp & Sons, £110. 

Hampshire - KJ Burrow, £133.


There are still buyers looking to purchase prime hoggs with the trade this week topping at £118 for Texels from Croft Farm Partnership.



Leading Prices:

Continentals - Croft Farm Ptns, £118.

Swaledales - Laurie Blades, £106, T & G Farrow £92, A & TA Blades, £90.



364 Ewes & Shearlings and 6 Rams forward. Ewes would be a very similar trade on the week as sheep forward not just as strong. Topping the trade was a good Rouge ewe at £185 from M Hare, Tong. B & GV Mudd, West Burton Texels realised £178 and £162 and M Hare again at £172. These would not be as big as some in previous weeks but were fit with plenty of backends. BFL were topped at £165 and £160 from R Bland to go towards her wedding fund. Mules topped at £142 for DA & MA Brown & Son, Coverdale with 7 lots between £128- £142. 240 Swales forward and again 2 trades big fit ewes selling to £100 From K Hulley and 8 lots between £86-£100 but leaner freshly spained would be dearer on the week from £35-£65. Only a few Rams forward but good quality with Beltex at £200 and Texels at £195. Going forward when grazing buyers start looking for Ewes, they will be preferring clipped Ewes. 



Rouge to £185, M Hare, Tong

Texel x to £178, B & GV Mudd, West Burton 

Suffolk to £170

BFL to £165, R Bland, Gaisgill

Beltex to £160, R Mudd & Sons, Cubeck

Mules to £142

Cheviot to £140

Rough Fell to £118, E & K Bland, Gaisgill

Swaledale to £100 KD Hulley, Hawes



Beltex to £200 

Texel to £195

Swaledale to £88, D Hodgson, Askrigg

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Forward: 18 Calves 1016 Sheep comprising 406 Spring Lambs, 105 Prime Hoggs,  505 Cast Ewes and Rams. 



A nice jump in the trade this week saw the prime lambs sell to an increased overall market average of 296p/kg with plenty of runs of lambs selling well in excess of the 300p/kg mark. The market topped at £160 for Beltex lambs from R Mudd & Sons, Cubeck purchased by Harold Birbeck on behalf of C Steadman Butchers of Kirkby Stephen. This was followed by the consignment from JR & LA Capstick, Killington selling two pens of Beltex lambs to £154 and a pen of ten Texel lambs to £147. The consignment of beltex lambs from R Marwood & Son sold to a top of £152 who others from the same home selling to £146, £144 and £140 with this consignment selling to a top of 340p/kg with new buyer better conformation lambs seeing them regularly bid in excess of the 320p/kg mark. Heavy weighted lambs regularly selling in the one hundred and forties selling to £147 from Sledmere Estate followed by £146 from S Verity. Commercial texel mules sold saw well fleshed fed lambs selling just over the 300p/kg mark. Upland lambs sold to a top of £135 for 45kg cheviot mules from JK Foster. The trade for mule lambs topped at £115 for well-fed 38kg mule lambs followed by other pens of mule lambs to £113 at 41kg from CT & JE Willoughby.



Beltex to 340p, R Marwood & Son, Newsham, Av. 320.1p/kg             

Texel x to 314p, JR & LA Capstick, Killington, Av. 295.2p/kg                                                                                

Mules to 303p, JC Prickett, Mewith, Av. 252p/kg

Suffolk to 300p, DA & MA Brown & Son, Coverdale, Av. 288.7p/kg

Total Average: 296p/kg


Spring Lambs: Leading Prices:

Beltex - R Mudd & Sons, £160, (to C Steadman, Butchers Kirkby Stephen), £136 x2, £134, JR & LA Capstick, £154,

R Marwood & Son, £152, £146, £144, £140, JW Porter & Sons, £140, J Sunter & Son, £127.50, PF Goodall, £118, £111.

Texel x – JR & LA Capstick, £154, £147, Sledmere Estate, £147, £125.50, £120, £115, S Verity, £146, £130, Whyte & Percival, £144, £135,

J Scarr & Sons, £144, £133, HB Farms, £143, £126, £120, G Mudd, £140, R Moore & Son, £138, £130, DA & MA Brown & Son, £137,

GJ Bell, £136, LC Scarr & Son, £135, £124, £120, A Flintoft, £134, £125, P Dinsdale & Son, £132, £117, JC Prickett, £130,

JS & S Atkinson, £130, AT Pratt, £130, CW Harrison, £130, £115, JK Foster, £129, £117, R Wood & Son, £126.50, J Sunter & Son, £126,

A & H Watson, £125.50, SH TA & M Sutcliffe, £125.50, JW Porter & Sons, £125, £121.50, CT & JE Willoughby, £122,

Breck House, £118.50. 

Hampshire - J Bell, £140, £123.50, £112, Walburn Hall, £125.

Suffolk - DB & A Hoggarth, £136, £130, £123.50, DA & MA Brown & Son, £132, PF Goodall, £131, A Flintoft, £130, HB Farms, £124.50, 

Cheviot - JK Foster, £135.

Mules - JC Prickett, £115, CT & JE Willoughby, £113, SH TA & M Sutcliffe, £108.50.

Zwartble - E Brown, £108.


There was slightly less prime hoggs forward the trade for them slightly easier as the hogg season comes closer to an end. Hoggs sold to a top of £130 numerous times for continental hoggs including a pen of Texel hoggs from WC Stones & Son. Horned hoggs sold to a top of £126 for scotch black faces with other pens selling to £123.



Prime Hoggs: Leading Prices:

Continentals -WC Stones & Son, £130.

Swaledales - JS Towler, £115, £110, JE Cowperthwaite, £90, M & P Carter, £80, S & RD Parker, £80.


505 Ewes & Cast Rams forward. Larger numbers out today and well meated ewes would be a similar trade and newly spained leaner sorts would be cheaper on the week. Topping the trade was a good pen of Texels from PJ Broughton, Bransdale making £186. Beltex from R Mudd making £175 and BFL from AT Pratt £172. Some cracking Masham ewes from, J Verity & Sons, Harrogate sold for £152. Mules topped at £150 and we had 7 lots above £130. Swales were two trades anything big and fit were sought after topping at £118 from A & H Watson with 10 lots £102 or above. Leaner swales were £30-£35 with more freshly spained forward. 11 Rams forward topping at £195 for Beltex and followed by 2 Texels from A & H Wheldon at £192. Swale Rams topped at £131 from T Metcalfe & Son.



Texel x to £186, PJ Broughton, Bransdale 

Beltex to £175, R Mudd & Sons, Cubeck

BFL to £172, AT Pratt, Hawes

Suffolk to £165, Sledmere Estate, Sledmere

Charollais to £165

Cheviot to £160

Masham to £152, J Verity & Sons, Harrogate

Mules to £150

Roughfell to £120, SL Hoggarth, Sedbergh

Swaledale to £116, A & H Watson, Kirkby Lonsdale

Gritstone to £100, JE Cowperthwaite, Eldroth


Beltex to £195 

Texel to £192, A & H Wheldon, York

Cheviot to £175

Suffolk to £140, E & MJ Featherstone, Farndale

Swaledale to £131, T Metcalfe & Son, Muker

BFL to £122, A & H Wheldon York



Show & Sale today and thanks to our Judge Bob Ewan who chose H Kirkbride & Son Lim Bull as Champion and this realised £420 to the judge. Kirkbride followed up with more Lim Bulls at £415 & £405. Shorthorns from LC Scarr & Son topped at £350 and Friesians from B Clarkson topped at £220. Heifers were topped by a nice BRB from B Clarkson’s that sold for £405 and H Kirkbride & Son had the top Lim Heifer at £360. Trade would be easier than 2 weeks ago and is in line with other centres. 



Kindly Judge by Bob Ewan, New Hutton.






Continental Bulls  

Limousin - 1st  & Champion, H Kirkbride & Son, Askrigg, £420 

Limousin - 2nd - H Kirkbride & Son, Askrigg, £405                          

Limousin - 3rd - H Kirkbride & Son, Askrigg, £415    


Black & White Bulls

1st - B Clarkson, Bainbridge, £220

2nd - B Clarkson, Bainbridge, £180

Bulls Av. £327.2



Limousin - 1st  & Res Champion, H Kirkbride & Son, Askrigg, £360

BRB - 2nd - B Clarkson, Bainbridge, £330  

BRB - 3rd - B Clarkson, Bainbridge, £405

Heifers Av. £312.3

Tuesday 2nd July 2024

Forward: 798 Sheep comprising 506 Spring Lambs, 100 Prime Hoggs and 192 Cast Ewes and Rams. 



There was an increase in the number of prime lambs coming forward today with the trade throughout the country easing as many companies struggling to sell prime lambs following the high prices enjoyed throughout the spring. Heavy weighted lambs eagerly bid for by the buyers with standard weighted lambs that are well finished creating plenty of interest. Heavy weighted lambs sold to a top of £159, £154 and £148 for Texels from DE & A Kitching, Swainby. This was followed by others to £150 from AT Pratt, Hawes. A consignment of Beltex lambs from MK Verity, Fearby selling to £144 at 47kg and £142 at 44kg. plenty of heavy weight and best conformation lambs selling in the one hundred and forties with the best conformation lambs regularly sold in excess of the 300p/kg mark. Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £137.50 at 48kg from KJ Burrow who sold 47kg suffolks to £136. More mules forward in the market sold to a top of £119 for a pen of 46kg from JC & N Throup, Skipton. The overall market average was 275p/kg.  



Beltex to 323p/kg, MK Verity,Fearby, Av. 296.7p/kg

Texel x to 306p/kg, AT Pratt, Hawes, Av. 275.6p/kg

Suffolks to 289p/kg, KJ Burrow, Dent, Av. 272p/kg

Mules to 267p/kg, JC & N Throup, Draughton, Av. 240.2p/kg   

Overall Market Average 275p/kg


Prime Lambs: Leading Prices:

Texel x – DE & A Kitching, £159, £154, £148, £141, £139, £137, £134, AT Pratt, £150, £126, £118, £116, Dixon Bros, £142,

BC Gregg, £140, £137, £133, £128, D & EM & ID Brown, £139, £121.50, J Scarr & Sons, £138, £122, JJ & E Labbate, £137,

MK Verity, £136, £129, JH Pedley, £136, £120, GM Sedgwick & Son, £132, £117.50, Whyte & Percival, £130, £127,

H Kirkbride & Son, £129, J & J Postlethwaite, £128, £JJ & E Labbate, £126, DA & MA Brown & Son, £124, J Sunter & Sons, £122.50,

R Mudd & Sons, £122, AT Lambert & Son, £119.50, K & A Woof, £119, J & JH Whaley, £119, JS & S Atkinson, £118.50,

JW Porter & Sons, £118, JJ & E Labbate, £118, B Clarkson, £118, Sam Labbate, £117, A & H Watson, £116.

Beltex - MK Verity, £144, £142, £120, JR & LA Capstick, 141, £140 x2, £137.50, £133, R Mudd & Sons, £128, £124 x2, £121, £120,

BC Gregg, £123, J & J Postlethwaite, £123, Springhill Partnership, £123, JW Porter & Sons, £121, Booth Brothers, £116.

Suffolk - KJ Burrow, £137.50, £136 x2, JR & LA Capstick, £129.50, DB & A Hoggarth, £129, £125, £118, £116, £110,

DA & MA Brown & Son, £122, H Kirkbride & Son, £120.50, SL Hoggarth, £119, £110.

Hampshire - KJ Burrow, £122.

Mule - JC & N Throup, £119, £117.50, £105, £95, P Hallam, £94, 



There continues to be plenty of bidders for hoggs in Hawes but trade has slid back as seen with the prime lambs. The trade topped at £136 from J Alderson with continental hoggs followed by Mules selling to £134 from JS Towler. Horned hoggs saw Swaledales sell £120 numerous times.  


Prime Hoggs: Leading Prices:

Continental - J Alderson, £136, £118, E Blackburn, £126, LA Booth, £112, JR Davidson & Son, £110, £100 x2, JS Towler, £105,

KR & SN Dinsdale, £110, 

Mule - JS Towler, £134, £110, J Alderson, £90.

BFL - J Sunter & Sons, £120.

Swaledale - AD Coates & Son, £120. D & EM & ID Brown, £120, RW Clarkson & Son, £112, £107, JS Towler, £108, £97,

MM & CL Whitehead, £100, ME Waggett, £85, J Alderson, £80, Dixon Bros, £80.

Herdwick - JS Towler, £110.

Cheviot - E Blackburn, £91.



192 Forward. Ewes wanted once again and more could have been sold to advantage. Springhill Farm, Jervaulx topped the trade at £200 with a good texel ewe. Following close behind were a good pen of Suffolks from KJ Burrow, Dent at £192. BFL topped at £182 for JS & S Atkinson, Scorton. Mules were a pleasing trade and would be dearer on last week topping at £162 for Booth Brothers, Sedbergh with 7 lots between £142- £162. Swales like the mules were dearer on the week topping at £116 from JC & N Throup, Draughton with 10 lots between £116- £90 but it was the leaner ewes that would see a good lift achieving £40-£65. Only 4 Rams which topped at £155 for a texel from Dixon Bros, Barden Moor. Yorkshire show next week but ewes will still be wanted. 


Cast Ewes: Leading Prices:

Texel x to £200, Springhill Partnership, Jervaulx

Suffolk to £192, KJ Burrow, Dent

BFL to £182, JS & S Atkinson, Scorton

Wensleydales to £172

Blue de Maine to £168, Booth Brothers, Sedbergh

Beltex to £148, Booth Brothers, Sedbergh

Mules to £162, Booth Brothers, Sedbergh    

Rough Fell to £118, LA Booth, Sedbergh

Swaledale to £116, JC & N Throup, Draughton

Cheviot to £114, E Blackburn, Low Row


Texel x to £155, Dixon Bros, Barden Moor

Beltex to £128, JW Porter & Sons, Gunnerside

BFL to £118, A & TA Blades, Hawes

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